For years, The Gym Lakewood has provided an unparalleled member experience, setting new standards from personal training to group fitness to rejuvenating wellness treatments. The results are extraordinary. Tour the club and experience what many people call "the best gender specific gym in New Jersey."


Cardio, short for cardiovascular exercise, is any movement that gets your heart rate up and increases blood circulation.Cardio. For some it's a dreaded word and for others it's a passion they can't get enough of. Either way you look at it though, cardiovascular exercise is one of the key components that should never be left out of a fitness plan.We offer a wide variety of professional cardio equipment for all levels.

Many people associate strength training only with athletes. At one time, perhaps, strength training was reserved only for athletes. Certainly the world of muscle building (apart from body building) was relatively unknown. But all that has changed in the last few generations as the health benefits of muscle strength and endurance have become known for men and women of all ages.


Dive into our water workouts. Whether you’re a serious swimmer or just looking for a non-impact workout, we have a pool program designed specifically for you. Perfect your stroke with technique tips from top instructors or discover a whole new way to revitalize your routine.

To keep your swim workouts fresh and effective, we've translated some of your studio favorites to the pool. You'll also find a variety of more traditional classes and swim training on the schedule.


Train, shape and strengthen with our cutting-edge conditioning classes. From core work to resistance training to high-intensity intervals, these carefully designed, comprehensive workouts build endurance and target every major muscle group while defining your body from head to toe.

Our body conditioning programs combine innovative tools, such as suspension training, yoga Pilates & more with time-honored training techniques to achieve serious results. Whether you're looking for sports conditioning workouts to increase strength and endurance or barre-based workouts to tighten and tone, there's a class for you.



Get ready to be transformed. As you climb and sprint your way through one of our signature indoor cycling sessions, you’ll increase endurance, up your energy, burn major calories and jump-start your metabolism.

Indoor cycling efficiently combines strength and cardio training backed by science and driven by pulsing music to move you towards your body goals. Whether you're an avid outdoor cyclist or a weekend warrior, we have a cycling training session for you. Come on. Let us take you for a ride.


Our nursery provides a bright, clean, and safe environment for your child to play and interact with other kids. Our staff is carefully interviewed and hired so that your kids are supervised by a loving, attentive and responsible person at all times. All child care workers have had a background check and meet or exceed the appropriate NJ state laws governing people who work in child care.

We have expanded our childcare area for your child. Ok Moms and Dads, no more excuses for not working out!

                               GYM HOURS FOR MEN AND WOMEN




5.30 am - 8.25 am

1.50 pm - 6.25 pm

9.50 pm - 1.00 am


4.00 am - 5.55 am

1.50 pm - 6.25 pm

9.50 pm - 1.00 am


5:30 am - 8:25 am

1:00 pm - 1 hour before sunset


10:30 pm - 1:00 am


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8.30 am - 1.45 pm

6.30 pm - 9.45 pm



6.00 am - 1.45 pm

6.30 pm - 9.45 pm


8:30 am - 12:55 pm



72 mins after sunset - 10:25 pm

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